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A Holiday-Ready Guest Room

A guest bedroom is an important part of the holiday to-do list. Visitors want to feel at home in a comfortable and welcoming space.

Start with some bedroom basics that can make your guests’ stay memorable for all the right reasons. Fresh linen, quality pillows, and a good mattress will ensure loved ones are rested and happy.

The Essentials

Climbing into a bed with fresh cotton bedding is one of life’s simple pleasures. Cotton is a breathable material, perfect to keep cool in summer.

Choosing pillows that regulate temperature will also ensure a good night’s sleep. Be sure to include extra pillows on your guest bed for those who need additional sleep support.

Good sleep doesn’t happen without a good mattress. Guests will appreciate a bed set that is supportive and comfortable. Save yourself the grumpy morning guests!

Think Light

Clutter doesn’t create a holiday feeling. Keep furniture surfaces clear for guests to unpack their belongings. Think about storage space in drawers and cupboards for hanging items.

Blockout curtains keep a room cool and minimise bright light. If your guests like to sleep in, this little luxury will go a long way.

The Finishing Touches

What details make it unique when you stay at a hotel or guest house? Simple things like fresh flowers or a beautiful mirror feel like a spoil. You could also add a comfy chair for reading and relaxing. Your guests might never want to leave!

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