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Getting kids into a routine when it’s still light at bedtime

Children and summer are the best of friends. Longer days mean hours of endless play, and bedtime is the last thing on their mind.

The back-to-school routine is less fun for parents. How do you explain to a child that it is time for bed, even though it’s still light outside? You can try a few things to make the hours before sleep less daunting.

Eat Dinner Early

Eating an earlier evening meal allows the kids to play afterwards, have a leisurely bath (more playtime), and read stories before bed. A later dinner usually means bedtime straight after making them feel rushed.

Tire Them Out

Doing something fun with the kids one to two hours before bed can be a great way to decompress. Run around outside or have a dance party in the lounge. Added exercise will better prepare them to wind down before bed. You can make it part of the daily routine, which helps your child’s mind and body get used to a set schedule.

When in Doubt, Go with Blackout

Blackout curtains are a wonderful invention. Putting these in your child’s room tricks them into thinking it’s dark outside for the summer months. Blackout curtains might also buy you extra morning sleep if your child usually wakes up early.

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