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Good Sleep by Force of Habit

We all know the benefits of a good night’s sleep – physical energy, mental alertness, reduced stress, and improved mood, to name just a few. But for some, a good night’s sleep is as elusive as the sheep they’ve counted a million times.

Whilst insomnia is a common sleep disorder, the severity of it varies greatly, and for those who just find it difficult to fall asleep at night, a healthy bedtime routine may be the solution.

We are all creatures of habit, we find comfort in knowing what comes next, and we perform much better when we can plan, albeit subconsciously. When we were children, a bedtime bath, snack, or story signaled it was time to sleep. As adults we need to redefine that routine in preparation for the good sleep we want and need.

Ironically, a bedtime bath, snack or story are all still good routine suggestions for adults, except this time we can read the stories ourselves.

• A bath mimics the natural temperature drop our bodies go through in preparation for sleep when our bodies warm up in the warm water of the bath and then quickly cool down when we get out.

• Eating a melatonin-rich snack before bed to calm your stomach can also held induce sleep. A great place to start would be with a traditional warm glass of milk, berries or nuts.

• Whilst electronic devices such as computers, televisions, and smart phones should be avoided before bedtime because of the strong blue light they emit which tricks our brains into thinking it is daytime, reading a good hardcopy book is always a good idea!

Some other good bedtime habits to consider including in your routine are:

• Meditation and breathing exercises

• Listening to calm and relaxing music

• Journaling

When you have your routine set, focus on creating a restful bedroom, free of clutter and distracting light. Ensure that you have a bed suited to your desired comfort levels, because an uncomfortable bed will undo all the good of a bedtime routine!

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