Move on to Better Sleep in 2023

A bedtime routine is vital, but so is regular exercise if you want to keep nights of tossing and turning at bay. Being active can improve sleep and your overall well-being, here’s how.


Over the years, medical studies have shown that exercises such as aerobics, yoga, swimming, or even brisk walking contribute to better mental and physical health and improve sleep.

People who engage regularly in at least 15 – 30 minutes of exercise can fall asleep more easily. This is because exercise release endorphins that encourage the body to create melatonin earlier in the evening, making it easier to fall asleep, regulates body temperature quicker and helps you reach a deeper level of sleep easier. It is recommended that you exercise in the morning, at your highest functioning time of the day or at 2 hours before bed at the latest.

Enriching your diet with a healthy balance of fluids, carbohydrates and proteins will also fuel your body for better workouts and keep you from feeling sluggish at bedtime and in the morning. Also, consider enjoying a melatonin-rich snack before bed such as a warm glass of milk, chamomile tea, berries, or almonds.

So hit the road running in 2023! Swim a few laps in the pool, sign up for a fun-fuelled Zumba class or try this quick workout:

3 Exercises, 5 Reps

Time: 15 minutes

  • Push-ups for 45-seconds (15-second rest time)
  • Sit-ups for 45 seconds (15-second rest time)
  • Squats or lunges for 45 seconds (15-second rest time)
  • Repeat the sets 5 times until you’ve reached your 15-minute workout goal

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