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Say Hello to Nights of Good Rest with Medi+Spine!

Prioritising sleep health is essential, and the first step towards ensuring that you get a good night’s rest is having a comfortable bed. One that provides proper support for your body and helps you achieve a deeper, more peaceful sleep.

Bedzone offers a range of premium quality Medi+Spine bed sets available online and in store. Our range of Medi+Spine Lifestyle, Comfort Zone, Sleep Zone, Ortho Zone, Chiro Comfort, and Chiro Rest bed sets is sure to be the perfect fit for every family member.

Finding Your Comfort Zone

Sleeping on a bed that is too hard or too soft can be uncomfortable, cause restless nights, and leave you feeling tired in the morning. Bedzone provides you with quality Medi+Spine bed sets in firm, plush and medium comfort levels.

  • Plush Comfort – Soft cushioning layers that mould to the corners of your body. The best option if you prefer to sleep on your side.
  • Medium Comfort – Good balance between soft cushioning and firm support. Ideal comfort for all sleeping positions.
  • Firm Comfort – Enhanced support where you need it most. Perfect if you prefer to sleep on your stomach or back.

Our Medi+Spine bed set range includes Single, Three-Quarter, Double, Queen and King-Sized bed sets to ensure you find the perfect size.

Comfort in the Details

You will find true comfort and quality in the design details of Bedzone’s Medi+Spine range of bed sets.

  • The Medi+Spine Lifestyle 152cm bed set features beautiful high-quality knit fabric, a high-count bonnel spring unit for maximum support and comfort, and mattress edge support.
  • The Medi+Spine Sleep Zone 152cm Pillow Top bed set offers a cloud-soft sleep experience thanks to its pillow top configuration, multiple layers of high-density foam and quality knit fabric.
  • The Medi+Spine Ortho Zone 152cm Pamper Top bed set offers all-around comfort with pamper top configuration, layers of high-density foam and fibre and mattress edge support.
  1. FIRM: Medi+Spine Lifestyle 152cm bed set
  2. MEDIUM: Medi+Spine Sleep Zone 152cm Pillow Top bed set
  3. PLUSH: Medi+Spine Ortho Zone 152cm Pamper Top bed set

Investing in a Medi+Spine bed that meets your needs will significantly improve the quality of your sleep. You can also improve your sleep by creating and sticking to a consistent sleep schedule, maintaining a relaxing bedtime routine, and minimising distractions in your bedroom.

You can visit our secure online store or shop at a store near you and purchase a Medi+Spine bed set on flexible payment terms for same-day delivery. See our store locations here

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